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Good afternoon families and happy Friday!

Today began with a play in the yard exploring all the fun to be had. We had a variety of activties for the children to choose from. The children enjoyed digging in the sandpit, climbing the fort, riding bikes, kicking balls, building blocks and of course dancing to our favorite tunes.

Soon it was time for some of our friends to go to gym. While our friends were at gym the rest of us enjoyed continuing playing in the yard until it was finally time to head in for some custard and fruit.

Today the children worked together to make an Anzac collage. Each child took turns places pieces of red paper onto contact to create a field of poppies. We also gave each child red paint and egg carton cut outs to paint for a poppy reef. Sometime after fun it was time to head outside for a run around until siting down to sing our favorite songs.

Sometime after our fun we decided to all head to the desk for lunch. Now as the weather is nice we are going to be having our meals and group times outside.

Finally it was time for yummy bean burgers and salad . The children then laid down for a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will all head back outside to see where else our imaginations will take us.

We look forward to seeing you all next week for some more fun adventures in toddlers one. Have an amazing long weekend!!

Lots of love,

Miss Aimee and Miss Stacey.

One last thing…

As we are starting toilet training with the Toddies we would like to send out a reminder to please pack extra pants for your children. As the children are learning there are of course pound to be a couple of accidents and we are low on spares. Thank you 🙂