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Good Afternoon Toddlers One Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful day!

Friday’s are always such a fun time here in the Toddlers One room. The music is pumping, the weather was perfect and there was lots to explore.

Out in the yard were a lot of creative activities to explore including; Drawing on the Woden panel, a dinosaur, jungle nature sensory trough, easels for chalk drawing, musical instruments and lots more!

We had a long extended play outside in the morning as the weather was perfect for a Friday morning dance party. Our friends got picked up for Tumble tots and we spent the morning socialising and having fun.

For morning tea we enjoyed some delicious baked beans and bread before putting on our art aprons to head back outside onto the deck for our Floral Friday celebrations.

Out on the table we set up a large piece of paper along with some sustainable items such as plastic bottles and sponges for different patterns and textures. The children participated in a group activity where they stamped, spread and painted across the page using their creative skills along with their fine motor abilities. The children all gave each other space and encouraged good sharing behaviours. We used beautiful bright colours and once dry we will add flower outlines to our creation and display it in our room!

We then offered indoor/outdoor activities, making the most of this wonderful weather. The children participated in play dough, small group reading opportunities and building with blocks.

After a huge morning, it was then time to own Miss Stacey and Miss Aimee on the mat for a group time where we enjoyed singing songs and dancing to our favourite tunes.

We recently have displayed our special Toddler made Alphabet flash cards in our Cosy Corner and the children really enjoyed having this displayed at eye level. We observed a lot of child initiated singing and dancing and letter identification. We are so proud.

For lunch today we enjoyed yummy sushi bowls, before going to sleep for a big rest!

In the afternoon, we have flowers to share amongst the children in honour of our Floral Friday celebrations.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend! A reminder if you ever take any photos or do anything exciting on the weekends we would like to see and read about it. Please bring in any photos or short blurbs so we can extend on your home life here at kindy!

One final reminder to Bring in a photo of your dog if your family has one as we would love to display these as a part of our Dear Zoo Extension in the classroom!

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Aimee x