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Good afternoon families,


This morning we decided to stay inside with Toddlers two as it has been raining. We opened up the doors to use the net area for indoor outdoor play. The children seemed to really enjoy playing in the net area.


Shortly after we decided to go back into our room for some morning tea. After morning tea. We then all sat down and sang a few songs such as “Twinkle little star”, “the wheels on the bus”, ABC’s and “baby shark’.


Shortly after group time we opened the doors to use the deck for indoor/outdoor play under cover. While some children were playing outside with the mowers and balls we had others playing with playing inside with play dough and home corners.


For today’s activity we decided it would be fun for the children to paint paper plates grey to make sharks as they have had an interest in the song baby shark.


Sometime after a play it was finally time for lunch and a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will open up the doors again for some more fun indoors and outdoors.


Thank you families it has been an excited first week and we look forward to seeing you all back here next week for some more fun adventures in Toddlers One.


Don’t forget to bring in your family photos so we can display them for all the toddlers to see! Thank you.


Have an amazing weekend. 🙂