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Good Morning Families and Happy New Year,
Starting off in the new year all the children had the chance to explore their new rooms. We gave the
children free choice of activities choosing from a variety of activities like home corner, farm animals,
book corner, drawing and shapes. After some time exploring the room the children all sat down for some morning tea. This was a good
time to sit with the children and interact.
This year’s room theme is space, so we decided to do rocket paintings today. They all seemed to
really enjoy choosing different colors for their rockets. This is a good activity for the children to
practice their hand and eye coordination.
Shortly after painting we decided to go for a play in the yard. Some children had an interest in the
bikes whereas others enjoyed playing on the fort and slide. Not long after, it was time for a group
time, so we all decided to go back inside to wash our hands and sit on the mat. We sang some songs
and read the books “what does daddy do” and “possum magic.”
Finally, it was time for lunch and a well-deserved rest. This afternoon the children will all head back
outside to see where else their curios minds will take them.
Thank you for taking the time to explore all the fun today had in store for our Toddlers One children.
Miss Aimee, Miss Shawn and Miss Stacey.
Just a quick friendly reminder to label all your children’s belongings this included bedding, water bottles, containers, etc..