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Good afternoon families we hope you enjoyed your weekend,

Fresh start to the week and the music is pumping, little bit rainy outside but and still lots to explore. We’ve had a fabulous day in the Toddlers One room, keeping busy and learning lots of new things!

We started the day in the toddlers two room exploring all the different activities. Our friends got picked up for Tumble tots and we spent the morning socializing and having fun.

For morning tea we enjoyed some fruit and crackers before getting creative painting our wooden Easter bunnies. The children had a ball. This activity was a great way for the children to work on their fine motor skills by gripping the paint brush and pressing, squishing and sliding it on the wooden bunnies.

We had a variety of activities for the children to enjoy these include home corner, book corner, building blocks and puzzles.

After a huge morning, it was then time for group time. The children sat on the mat and we enjoyed reading some of our favorite books and singing songs and dancing to our favorite tunes.

We recently have displayed our special Toddler made Alphabet and number flash cards in our cosy Corner and the children really enjoyed having this displayed at eye level. We observed a lot of child initiated singing and dancing and letter identification. We are so proud.

Finally it was time for lunch and a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will set up some more activities to see where else our curious minds will takes us.

We hope you all have an amazing night. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for more fun adventures in toddlers one.

Lots of Love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Aimee x