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Good Afternoon Families! We hope you had an amazing weekend,

We would just like to point out how proud we are of the children, for putting up with this wet and rainy weather for the past couple of weeks!

Today began with a play in the toddlers to room and net area until all our friends arrived. We had a variety of activities for the children to choose from. We had blocks, puzzles, balls, home corner and of course the climbing net.

Soon after our friends arrived we went back into the toddlers one room for some delicious fruit and crackers. As it is so rainy outside gym had to be cancelled. So today we had the pleasure of Miss Kate and Miss Kim join us in some indoor activties.

Today’s activity consisted of the toddlers finishing their Easter bunny and basket paintings. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity getting creative with a variety of different colours. We also had shape blocks, sensory bottles, book corner, home corner and of  course music for the children to groove to.

Another reminder that we have started collecting donations for our Easter Raffle. Every class participates, and each child is given a raffle book which they can purchase for a small amount of money. Once all the tickets have been purchased, we ask all families to donate a small gift that we can add to our Easter hamper that will then be raffled off at the Easter celebration. If every family donates a gift, our Easter basket will be amazing! We thank you for your co-operation in advance.

Finally it was time for lunch and a well-deserved rest before another exciting afternoon exploring our room on this rainy day.

Thank you for a fabulous day in toddlers one! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for more fun adventures. Don’t forget, if you do something exciting, we would love to hear and see about it, so please write it down or send in pictures! Thank you (:

Lots of love,

Miss Stacey and Miss Aimee x

Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how nicely our toddlers one children are playing this afternoon in this gloomy weather.