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Hi families what a perfect day it is today!! The sky is clear the sun is shinning and the Toddies are ready to explore all the fun today will bring.

We began with a play in the yard exploring all the fun to be had. The children had a variety of activties for the children to choose from. The children enjoyed digging in the sandpit, climbing the fort, riding bikes, kicking balls, building blocks, pushing the mowers and wheel barrows and of course dancing to our favorite tunes.

Soon it was time for some of our friends to go to gym. While our friends were at gym the rest of us enjoyed continuing playing in the yard until it was finally time to head in for some yummy baked beans, bread and fruit.

Today the children painted fruit and hungry caterpillars. This activity is a great way to teach the children about fruit. We will also put days of the week on display with the fruit so we can build knowledge of fruit and days of the week during group times.

Sometime after our fun we decided to all go for a run around outside until finally sitting down to read our favorite books and sing our favorite songs.

Finally it was time for some delicious tofu risotto and vegetables . The children then laid down for a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will all sit down for some pear and raspberry crumble cake and fruit. We will then all head back outside to see where else our imaginations will take us.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for some more fun adventures in toddlers one.

Lots of love,

Miss Aimee and Miss Stacey.

One last thing…

As the weather is getting cooler may you please remember to pack jumpers and closed in shoes to avoid children getting sick. Thank you 🙂