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Good Afternoon Families,

We hope you are all enjoying your week so far.
We’ve had a fabulous day in the Toddlers One room, keeping busy and learning lots of new things!

Our morning began with a play in the Toddlers two room as it has been raining. We had a variety of activities ranging from Musical Instruments and of course we had our music pumping to put us in a fantastic mood to start the day, and yes of course we played Baby Shark, our favourite song! We also had books, shapes, puzzles, etc.

After our friends left for Tumble Tots, we decided to wash our hands for morning Tea we enjoyed a fruit and muesli slice.

We are currently extending on the Dear Zoo story, so of course, we had to read the book and the children do such a great job of identifying the animals. You are all too smart!

For activity time today it was time to make snakes! This activity required the children to press sponges on a paper plate with paint to create their own colour deign. This activity encouraging them to work upon their fine motor skills. This was a 1:1 activity and the children were very eager to participate.

Over on the tables were a new selection of puzzles, testing our cognitive thinking skills and the sensory tray offered our squishy shapes which were a great calming activity. The children also took interest in the book corner and the home corner, participating in a lot of social play.

Our lunch group time consisted of lots of singing and dancing on the green mat. Our favourite song to sing is ‘baby shark’

For lunch we enjoyed vegetable sausage rolls and salad bar, and we all enjoyed this very much. Then it was well and truly time for a nice nap in the cool air-con.
In the afternoon if it isn’t raining we will head back outside to see where else our curious minds will take us.

Thank you for another fabulous day Toddlers, we hope you have a wonderful evening.

Lots of Love,
Miss Stacey and Miss Aimee