December 6, 2018 Toddlers No Comments

Hello and welcome to Happy Thursday. It is the day of our Christmas party as we were all excited making some room as we prepare for the concert!!! There will be lot’s of people so some of the children could become a little bit shy. That’s only normal. You are welcome to sit with your child and be sing along with them. Thank you for your gifts in the hamper and good luck with the winning ticket. Ada , Elke and Denzel were busy with the bikes and the pram. Mason spent time with the fishing magnets. Rohan and Aristotle had fun with the marvel pieces. Braxton and Elijah enjoyed their gym class. Charlie sat looking at the new books. Nisha was interested in the dress ups in home corner. Our last practice today with Santa Koala and the Crazy Frog. No more sleeps!!!!!

We watched Mr Peter blowing the leaves away and making the garden look neat and tidy for our party this afternoon. Please enjoy the photos as we had a great morning in the outdoors after the rain had gone. Have a lovely evening as we celebrate this wonderful time of year, with lot’s of love Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXXOXOXOXOXOXO


Written by elctoddlers1