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Good afternoon families,

Music it pumping, energy’s are high and ready for another amazing day in toddlers one. We began with a play in the yard explore heaps of activities including, building sand castles, drawing on chalk boards, kicking the ball around, climbing the fort and much more.

Our friends went off to tumble tots and we spend the morning outside socializing in the nice weather until it was time for morning tea. Sometime after our play we all went in to wash our hands before enjoying some delicious pear crumble cake and fruit.

We are starting our Easter activity’s so today we sat down with each child and gave them a selection of colour to choose from. Each child used their fine motor skills to grip the paint brush and  smear, squish and brush along the wooden bunny.

After activity time we all went outside for a run around before sitting down to sing our favorite songs. After group time we all washed our hands and came back inside for some delicious falafel wraps.

Finally it was time for a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will all head back outside to explore the yard and have our funky hair done.

We hope you have an amazing weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week for some more fun adventures.

Love Miss Aimee and Miss Stacey.