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Our day

The toddlers have had a fantastic day. We had lots of activities out to keep the children busy at one of the tables Miss Jade got some arts and craft to make sheep with the children. All of the toddlers participated in this activity gluing and sticking cotton balls on the paper. At the other table we had some fun blue play-dough for the children to explore Miss Des’ree borrowed some playdough tools from kindergarten the children love using the plastic scissors and refining their fine motor skills. Hollie and Emily enjoyed flattening the playdough with the rolling pins, Billy and Lucas love chopping the playdough with the plastic pizza cutters. Very creative toddlers!

During activity Matthais went over to Miss Des’ree with one of the new Thomas the tank engine books he was very excited and said “ Train” Lucas then came over and said “toot, toot”. Mia, Billy and Emily joined in so Miss Des’ree decided to sing the train song. Together we sang and all the children smiled and participated.

During activity time today Mikaela was “feeding” Jayden in home corner getting plastic food and using a spoon to feed him. At rest time Jayden helped Mikaela to her bed and stroked her head before going back to his bed. We have very caring toddlers!

Outside in the yard Miss Des’ree was blowing bubbles and the toddlers all ran to catch them, Mia loved catching them in her hands; Chloe, Amber and Hollie loved stomping on them and Lucas enjoyed popping them with his finger.

Over all we have had a beautiful day in the toddlers room 1.