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Our day….

We have had a great day in the toddler’s room! Today we did our very first fire drill! The children liked the new experience and some of our toddlers did a wonderful job at following their teacher’s instructions. For our fire drill we lined the toddlers up and walked to the back yard sat down and waited very patiently for Miss Jo to tell us it was all ok. While we waited we talked about fires and how to act in the case of a real fire.

For activity time we decided to paint dog bones because all the children loved the book “have you seen puppy” when Miss Jade read the book all the children giggled with excitement. Billy, Mia, Amber and Hollie really enjoyed the painting activity. At group time we sung lots of songs the children love mirroring actions songs and participating in group time. Mia suggested the song “Baa-baa black sheep” and Billy wanted to sing “the sleeping lion” song.

Over all the toddlers have had a great day!