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Happy Thursday toddlers families! Today we had a play outside, some of our friends came with Halloween dress ups like Pia, she was a witch and she had a pitch fork, she shared it with all her friends, Mason, Michael, Claudia and Alby had a go with it. Bowie, Alby, Emmy, Mason, Millie and Sadie were playing with Miss Jess and the jumping ball, they were laughing so hard at each other when falling on the floor. Maddy, Remi and Ava were playing with babies and the prams, they also cooked some food at the outdoor kitchen. Remi, Carter, Alby, Aubry, ChenYi and Oliver played in the sandpit with Miss Rose, they built sandcastles and cakes.

(LO1, LO2 and LO3- Child Initiated: the children enjoy helping set the yard and enjoy role playing with their friends. The toddlers danced to the songs and used a mixture of gross motor and fine motor skills)


Today Miss Marina lead the group time. to start the group time the toddlers sung our daily routine songs:

  • The days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment – mason was so brave and stood up in front of his friends to sing the aboriginal acknowledgment

Miss Marina demonstrated to the class the activity they would be doing today. with just a few days left till Halloween we are making sure to get all the themed activities in as we can. The toddlers were eager and excited to get into activity time. to transition the toddlers off to activity time one by one the told Miss Marina what their favourite spooky character is.

(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The children have become confident and feel safe and secure in their setting.)



after group time the children chose the activities that interested them.

-Slime : Claudia, Emmy, Michael, Finn, Remi, Ava, Alby and Carter did a great job at helping make the slime and enjoyed learning about the ingredients that went into it and the names for them. Claudia told Miss Dakota “ its green slime for Halloween” , Finn said “ wow its sticky icky slime”. The toddlers shared a lot of laughter and humour in the activity as the watched the slime run through their hands and back into the bucket

-Magnets, connectors & Pins on heuristic play: Sadie, Chen-Yi, Pia and Millie enjoyed utilising the hammers, drills, pot plants, hammers and screws. Chen-Yi put on protector classes and used the hammer to put the screws into his building

-Outdoor climbing and obstacle circuit  : Aubry, Oliver, Madelyn did a great job at using muscles and balance to make their way across the obstacle circuit. The showed great turn taking and waiting. It was lovely to watch the friends help each other across the obstacle course if they were struggling.

– spooky mummy making: Remi, Mason, Aubry showed great fine motor skills as the stuck the sticky tape onto the picture of the mummy to bring him to life.

Over all its been a great day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Dakota, Miss Marina, Miss Jess and Miss Rose

LO3 and LO4: the toddlers share in the happiness as they interact and enjoy activities. The toddlers are curious and enthusiastic to get involved in activities. The enjoy exploring the classroom having a go at all activities on offer)