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Toddlers Two – Friday 11th September 2020

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Welcome to Fun FRIDAY!

This morning the children came outside to enjoys some self selected activities. On the soft mats Mason, Michael, Emmy and Sadie did rollie pollies with Miss Stacey. The children giggled as they felt their feet roll over their heads. Oliver, Arlo, Pia, Zoe, Aubrey and River played in the sandpit with the diggers and buckets. Adam and Michael played in the bushes with the leaves and sticks they created a sensory mixture by adding the ingredients together with water.

(LO2 and LO3: The toddlers trust their educators and begin to participate in complex movements such as rollie pollies)


We skipped group time this morning at had an early morning tea to prepare for our puppet show. The children did a wonderful job at adjusting to a different routine and had smooth transitions. After our meal time we had a few minutes to spare and continued with free play in the yard.

(LO1: the toddlers have a strong sense of belonging and are flexible with the routine.  The toddlers transition smoothly through out the day and feel secure in their environment. Well done friends!)


The puppet show captivated all the children and taught them important aspects in life such as:

  • Kindness
  • Musical appreciation
  • Respect creative play
  • Listening skills
  • Authenticity

Michael, Emilia, Aubry, Claudia and River enjoyed the music and danced to the chicken song.  Arlo, Sadie, Pia loved the Unicorn song and stopped their feet to the beat of the music.  Finn, Mason, Adam, Oliver, Emmy laughed at the cheese cake song and giggled when the cheese cake sung the song with them. Zoe was fascinated with the sock puppets and loved the song so much she stood for the whole song.  During the show Mason, Emmy, Finn and Aubry joined in the questionnaire and helped the puppets identify the correct animals in the photos.

(LO4 & LO5: The toddlers are enthusiastic learners and enjoy participating and exploring new environments, developing disposition for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, imagination and reflexivity)

After the puppet show we ventured into the toddlers two room for another play. At the tables Emilia, Pia, Claudia, Finn and River decided to participate in flower craft and utilized different shapes to construct assorted flowers. At another table Toddlers one offered us a different flower activity that utilized real leaves from the garden. Emmy, Sadie, Adam and Michael enjoyed the new experience and re constructed a realistic flower. Miss Marina brought out the sensory trough and Mason, Adam, Arlo and Zoe loved using the spoons to make piles of sensory sand.

Over all its been a wonderful day

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina.

Written by elctoddlers2

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