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Happy Friday Families!

This morning our friends were all super early to arrive so with the sun shining and lots of friends we made our way outside to start of day off with a big play in the yard. Emmy arrived in a super special Elsa dress and beautiful diamonds on her face because today is her 3rd birthday! Mason ran to greet her with a massive cuddle and Oliver pointed out her diamonds telling Miss Dakota “look, wow!”. Emmy, Mason and Sadie with Miss Dakota and they chatted about birthdays and what type of presents they like and wished Emmy a great birthday.

(LO1 & LO4: Our morning play is child initiated. The children have a strong sense of belonging within their room and initiate their planning experiences with peers or individually. The toddlers love heuristic items and explore the purpose of different materials, for example: the boys utilized the hammers to build a house out of sticks and stones – the toddlers extended on their learning by incorporating the song London bridge as they got creative. Well done!)


Miss Dakota lead our group time today. she made sure to start off with our daily routine songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgement

Claudia stood up so bravely in front of the class and sung the aboriginal acknowledgment with her friend. Finn pointed to the day Monday and told Miss Dakota “Its yellow kota, like my shirt”. Miss Dakota asked the class “well if yesterday was Thursday, that means today is what?”, “FRIDAY!!!” Chen-Yi answered, well done! The class sang the words to ‘heads shoulder knees and toes’ to continue on with our Halloween focus as Adam asked to do skeletons today. To finish off the group time Emmy stood up in front of her friends as they all sung her a happy birthday. After group time the children transitioned off into activity time.

(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The toddlers enjoy being involved in group times and choosing what they would like included in it. The show enthusiasm towards participating in celebrations for the friends.)



After our group time the toddlers got involved in some great activities:

  • At one table Miss Marina offered a special face painting. Michael and Mason asked to be a giraffe, Sophia-Grace asked to be butterfly and Emmy and Claudia were Elsa
  • At another table Miss Desree offered a skeleton creation activity. Aubry, Adam, Emilia and Pia all did a great job at recognising the bones and the correct placement for them.
  • The Playdough table was a big hit today. Carter, River used some of our heuristic play tools to create some plants through the plant pots we have or decorated the playdough and offered them as gifts to their friends.

(LO2, LO3: the toddlers are demonstrating increasing knowledge for environments and understand of how things works and show their understandings of everyday objects and their own physical being)

It’s been a great day at kindy, have a nice weekend.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina