May 17, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello friends and families of toddler two , thank you all for a wonderful week . We began the morning in toddlers two listening to some relaxing music upon our arrival . Once more and more of us had arrived and the weather was a little wet outside we headed over to toddler one to have some indoor outdoor play upon the  verandah . Whilst in toddler one the children enjoyed exploring the new toys within a new environment . Before long we headed back to are own room to enjoy some morning tea. Today we had some delicious fruit bread , honey , jam and fresh fruit. During this we spoke about the weather and are interests for today . Once we had eaten the children headed off to play . Throughout the morning we celebrated the birthdays of Avery and William , Avery kindly brought in some animal masks and party hats. The children enjoyed putting them on and singing along to the birthday song, we then listened to some party songs through out the rest of the morning. Building upon caring for our environment and learning resources we decided to do dome cleaning today . We offered the children a new damp rag as we wiped all are surfaces and did some wonderful helping and caring towards our toys  within our environment. To transistion into rest today we practiced some meditation and relaxing our bodies and minds for rest. For lunch today we had some delicious vegetable fried rice . We then put on our sleep music before heading of for a beautiful sleep. Upon waking up today and for afternoon tea we all had some delicious icy pops to celebrate the birthdays .

Today was a great way to end the week , have a great weekend all of you and we will see you all next week .

Miss Zara , Miss Elizabeth , Miss Neve


Written by elctoddlers2