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Happy Friday!

We had a super busy Friday morning in the toddler’s yard this morning. Michael, Adam, Chen-Yi, Mason, River and Oliver got to work straight away in the sandpit. The dug tunnels for the cars to move through and as a group came up with the great idea to add some water to the tunnels to turn it into a river. Emmy, Sadie and Pia gathered the water for them from the bathroom using buckets and all sorts of containers. Michael added a huge tray into the sandpit and asked the girls to add some water into “to make it a big pool kota for the hot day” said Michael. Claudia, Finn, Emilia, Carter and Aubry took off their shoes and splashed around giggling as they shared in the experience.


After the toddlers enjoyed a big run around in the yard we headed inside for some morning tea of fruit and yummy jelly.