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Happy Friday!

This morning the children enjoyed quiet table activities until 8am. Emmy and Mason sat with Miss Dakota at the table and drew lots of great pictures. Emmy drew a boat and Mason drew a silly clown. Michael observed the weather telling his friends “it’s not going to rain today, its to sunny but if big dark clouds come then it might rain”. Carter and Chen-Yi did a great job at packing away the toys in preparation of going outside and were so helpful at getting the hats for their friends. River, Oliver, Aubry and Adam filled up the buckets from the sandpit and used the water as “a real-life river” said Adam. Michael and Adam asked Miss Shaun why her knee had a bandage on it and did a great job at taking care of her and fixing her knee. Sophia-Grace, Sadie, Finn and Pia enjoyed moving their bodies to the music that was playing and River, Emilia and Claudia used the phones to make calls to their mummy’s and even Santa Claus!

it was a lovely day in the toddlers two room! we hope you all enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week! Miss Dakota, Miss Desree and Miss Marina