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Happy Friday toddlers 2 families! This morning was super busy and full activities. Chen-Yi and Aubry played so nicely together with the trucks and helicopters and took turns to in who was the pilot or driver. River, Oliver, and Carter spent some time in the sandpit sharing the shovels and buckets. Carter helped River fill up the buckets while Oliver used his muscles to flip the bucket and make a sandcastle. Pia, Sadie, Emmy, and Emilia arrived at kindy matching in a witch costume. Sadie made her way around the yard telling her friends and educators “look, pia and Emilia a witch to”.

(LO1, LO2 and LO3- the toddlers interact in relation with others with care, empathy and respect, showing interest in other children and being part of a group or play. They use play to investigate and explore new ideas and share humour, happiness and satisfaction.)


Today Miss Marina lead the group time. to start the group time the toddlers sung our daily routine songs:

  • The days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment

To celebrate Halloween Eve the toddlers were shown a special torch where if you held it to the roof a spooky character would appear. “A GHOST! Michael shouted pointing at the roof. Claudia giggled and told her friends “oh a pumpkin, its orange”. Finn asked for the five little pumpkin song, so the toddlers sung as a class as they have done so well to learn the words. Pia encouraged her friends to sing along who may have been a bit shy

(LO5: Our toddlers are effective communicators, they use their own language to interact during grouptime and express their thoughts and ideas using verbal and non verbal language.)



after group time the children chose the activities that interested them.

-cookie making Finn, Emmy, Pia, Claudia, Michael, Mason, and Adam all leant a helping hand tp Miss Dakota to create some delicious chocolate chip cookies. Finn poured in the melted butter and Michael cracked the egg. Emmy and Claudia helped pour in the cookie mix and Pia and Mason did a great job at stirring it all together. Miss Dakota placed the cookies on the tray and from the classroom door the toddlers watched her put them in the over ready to cook. Pia was excited about the cookies, so she kept reminding Miss Dakota “Don’t forget the cookies, they be ready soon”.

-Magnets, connectors & Pins on heuristic play: Chen-Yi, Aubry and River enjoyed constructing buildings and houses out the magnets and using the heuristic play tools to ensure everything was in place.

-Outdoor play and face paint: Sadie, Emmy, Claudia, Emilia, Finn, Mason and Aubry showed great patience and did a excellent job at waiting for their turn to get a face painting. Emilia, Sadie, and Emmy asked Miss Marina to paint their face like a witch and Mason, Claudia and Finn became spider man and Aubry asked for tiger

– spooky mummy making: Mason, Oliver, Carter, Claudia, Chen-yi, Pia and Emmy all showed great fine motor skills as the stuck the sticky tape onto the picture of the mummy to bring him to life.

(LO1, children explore different identities and points of view with their Halloween face paint and costumes enjoying dramatic play with their friends. LO3, they engage in complex motor skills and movements and patterns, LO4 they express wonder in their new environments, roleplaying and activities, they are involved learners)

Overall, its been a great day

Have a nice weekend families!

Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Miss Rose