Happy Friday!

This morning we had a slow start and enjoyed activities in the classroom. Oliver and Carter were delighted to see each other this morning and greeted each other with a bog cuddle and made their way to the home corner where the set up a few items for their friends. River, Pia and Sophia-Grace enjoyed some quite time drawing some pictures. It was dry enough weather, so we took the opportunity and made our way outside. Michael, Emmy, Remi, Emilia, and Alby took the building blocks out and all worked together to see how high they could build the tower. Chen-Yi and Jude ran around the yard with our toy dinosaurs chasing each other sharing in lots of giggles and fun.


When a few of our friends were back from gymnastics we made our way inside for some morning tea.

After we ate up all our morning tea we joined Miss Desree on the mat for a grouptime. We started off with our daily songs:

  • Days of the week – emmy and Mikey asked if they could lead this song today and both were super brave by standing up in front of their class
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment – Sophia- Grace asked to lead this one and guided her friends who may have needed some extra help at remembering the actions

Miss Desree told a special interactive story today about a little girl who went on a trip on boat. Miss Desree used just one piece of paper and turned it into a hat that River and Chen-yi wore, a bag that Emilia, Remi, Alby, Carter, Oliver, Pia and Jude all added items to and it was even turned into a boat. Bowie arrived half way through the group time and was greeted by all of his friends who were super excited to see him.

For activity time children enjoyed self selction. Emmy, Michael, Remi and Pia did some great painting.

Alby, Bowie, Emilia and Jude sat down and did cutting with scissors. While river, Carter, Oliver Chen xi enjoyed some outdoor play with Mr Lachie.

We also had animals set out on a table aswell as home corner and heuristic play.

over all its been a beautiful day

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Mr lachie