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Good Evening,

This morning we stayed dry in the classroom while the world around us enjoyed the rain. Inside Emmy, Mason,  Chen yi, Bowie, Ava and Oliver got cosy in book corner and read “ the 12 days of Christmas”.


In construction area Bowie and Alby enjoyed each other’s company and build towers and bridges.


Sadie, Pia, Maddy and Claudia enjoyed home corner toys and used the silver bowls to mix up their ingredients.


At 9 am Sadie, Alby, Chen yi and Mason went to gymnastics.

Today Miss Desree lead our group time. We started off our group with our everyday songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgement

Finn and Alby lead the aboriginal acknowledgment as their friends followed along with them. We played the song ‘5 little pumpkins’ as this seems to be a favourite of the toddlers. Madelyn and Sadie sang along to all the words and knew all the actions off by heart. Ava and Mason both asked for the santa song so we moved and grooved our bodies to our Santa song. Pia, Emmy, Claudia, Remi and Chen-Yi asked for sleeping bunnies so to finish off the grouptime we did some sleeping bunnies, crocodiles, dinosaurs and giraffes. Oliver and Carter both chose a book for the class to read together. To finish off the group time we sung Finn a ‘happy birthday!’, in the afternoon we enjoyed a birthday biscuit as a class.

Activity time was filled with self selection and child based interests.

  • Bowie, Maddy, Alby and Emmy requested books! The children invited Miss Des’ree to sit down and read ’10 counting rhymes’ and ‘ the gruffelo!’
  • Carter and Oliver loved playing in the construction area and used the magnets and connector tubes
  • Mason, Finn, Pia and Ava enjoyed outdoor activities near the net. The children explored animal, climbing and hiding in the cubby house.
  • Sadie, Pia, Emmy, chen yi and Maddy painted their nails with Miss Dakota and took their time drying each nail. The toddlers were encouraged to blow air on their nails so it would dry faster.
  • At the table Miss Marina offered self expression using loose parts and glue. Ava, Claudia, Remi, Finn, Bowie, Alby and Sadie loved this sticky activity and enjoyed getting creative

Thank you to all the parents that we received gifts from we are truly blessed! hope you have a great afternoon

Miss Desree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina