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Happy Thursday!

This morning the children enjoyed quiet table activities until 8am. Michael and Mason spent some time in the home corner flicking through the stories and looking at the images. Oliver and Carter made use of the home corner bringing their friends coffees and cakes. Pia, Emmy, Sadie, Claudia, Remi and Millie sat at the tables drawing some lovely pictures to take home for their mummy and daddy. Once it was time to go outside we grabbed our hats, put some sunscreen on and made our way outside. Madelyn and Ava had a blast climbing up the fort to slide down the slide and repeat this a few times. Bowie, Finn, Chen-Yi and Aubry spent their morning in the sandpit building the highest of sandcastles and smashing them down with their feet.


After the toddlers enjoyed a big play in the morning sun we went inside for some morning tea of bakes oats, blueberries, banana and strawberries.

overall its been a lovely day in the toddlers two room. we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Miss Dakota, Miss Desree, Miss Marina