December 6, 2018 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello families,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the overwhelming attendance at yesterdays party! Never did we expect that many family members to be apart of such a special day, so we thank you! Sorry for the crowed room as we sang our songs, we know for next time to definitely perform outside! Congratulations to those who won the raffle prizes and thankyou to all that put in!

Today was a day all about fun and relaxing. As we are fast approaching the end of the year, we are ensuring that the children’s interests are followed, and they are having fun, which is a wonderful way to end the year in preparation for their moves next year!

As always, we enjoyed a play outside with the toddlers one friends. Everyone was playing very beautifully together this morning which was lovely to see!

We came inside nice and early to eat our morning tea, and to prepare those that were off to gymnastics this morning.

We transitioned straight into activity time today, with the children choosing what they wanted to play with.

Miss Stacey set up a dance disco area, playing our favourite tunes with lights and musical instruments. We saw some VERY impressive dance moves today! Well done Toddlers.

The felt board was bought out this morning along with the Old McDonald felts. The children were engaged, singing along to the popular nursery rhyme and adding the animals onto the board.

The alphabet caterpillar has been a great new addition to the Toddlers Two room. The children love identifying the colours and singing the alphabet, pointing to the letters.

For lunch the children had lasagne which was a class favourite! Everybody ate their lunch and went to bed with full tummies!

Thank you for a fabulous day toddlers, tomorrow’s Friday! YAY!

Don’t forget there is a baby hamper downstairs for Miss Nita if you wish to put in for her beautiful baby girl due in January!

Have a great night.

Miss Stacey, Miss Nita and Miss Rochelle x



Written by elctoddlers2