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Happy Thursday!

This morning Alby and Bowie Helped Miss Dakota set up our yard. Bowie said “ I want dinosaurs” and placed the dinosaurs along the edge of the sandpit, Alby pointed out the exercise ball and said “ that ball” so he grabbed which one he wanted and bounced it back and forth with Miss Dakota and Bowie quickly before they made their way back inside to wait for their friends to arrive. Remi and Emmy sat with Ella while she had a banana for a quick snack and all engaged in conversation about favourite fruit and snacks. “I like nnanas and lots of fruit” said Emmy. Sadie arrived at kindy and was greeted by Michael and Millie at the gate with lots of cuddles. Mikey said “SADIE !!I miss you” children on the mat for a small group time.

(LO1 & LO4: Our morning play is child initiated. The children have a strong sense of belonging within their room and initiate their planning experiences with peers or individually. The toddlers love heuristic items and explore the purpose of different materials, for example: the boys utilized the hammers to build a house out of sticks and stones – the toddlers extended on their learning by incorporating the song London bridge as they got creative. Well done!)


Miss Marina lead our group time today. she made sure to start off with our daily routine songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgement

Miss Marina asked what colour was Thursday written on and Pia answered with “its yellow Miss Marina” well done pia!

The toddlers discussed emotions today in group time. They were shown a happy, sad, angry, sleepy, and worried face and one by one were asked to identify what the emotion were that were being shown. Claudia pointed to the sleepy face and told her class “that one is sleepy, like this” as she pretended to be asleep. To finish off the group time the toddlers were treated to a quick drawing story. A story about a little boy who was afraid of a ghost, but a wise owl told him not to worry and do not be scared. Finn tapped Miss Dakota and told her” Look Kota it’s a ghost but were not scared” as he smiled and continued to engage in the story.

To transition into activity time the children’s names were called one by one and they were asked to pretend to be a ghost as they made their way to the activity of their choice.

(LO5: group time is teacher initiated. The toddlers love new stories and expand their concentration skills when they have a strong interest. All the children sat on the mat with interest and didn’t require any items to prompt their interest- only a great story)



After our group time the toddlers got involved in some great activities:

  • At one table Miss Dess and Miss Marina offered the children foot painting! Mason, Aubry and Ava all giggled as the brush tickled their feet
  • At another table Miss Dakota sat with the children at a playdough table and encouraged them to use the heuristic play objects that they were offered. Chen-yi , Ella, Bowie and Michael enjoyed using the playdough today. Ella used the hammer and told Miss Dakota “I’m making a new wall, its going to be beautiful”. Bowie and Michael used the sticks of wood to make candles and offered out birthday cakes to their friends. Its great to watch how much the toddler have learnt on how to utilise different items in the way they are used in the world.
  • The sensory trays were opened today so Ava, Carter and Sadie got stuck into using the pants pots and cups as shovels and laughed together as they poured them back into the trays.

(LO2, LO3: the toddlers love sensory activities and use it as a resource to bond with teachers and peers )

It’s been a great day at kindy, have a nice weekend.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Mr Lachie  .