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Hello families, today we started the day building with Miss Andressa and the foam blocks, Remi, Alby, Carter, Jude and Pia were building a big tower. Michael, Adam, Connor, Elsa and Shylie were building a bridge all together and using their balancing skills to walk on it! Levi and Emilia were riding bikes around the yard visiting the friends from one spot to another, Emilia Joined Maddy roleplaying with babies and prams, they took the babies for a walk and Remi also wanted to join the play. Chen Yi, Jude and Rafii were drawing on the blackboards using all the colours to scribble. We went inside very early because today we have art therapy at 9 am, so Miss Desree sang some songs at the bathroom and they went inside on their tippy toes being very quiet to sit on the mat with Miss Veronica.

(LO4, children engage in learning relationships, use their senses to explore natural environments and use reflective thinking to consider why things happen

LO2,They understand different ways of contributing through play and projects.)

Group time:

Miss Des’ree lead the group time today and did with the children’s help

-The days of the week

-The weather

-The aboriginal acknowledgment

She also started talking about Xmas time and she brought a big Santa sac with Xmas decoration, they all engaged in a very interesting conversation. We spoked about colours and shapes of the things we had, and we opened a present that was on the Xmas sac, it was a book!


Activity time:

They move around the room selecting the activities they were interested.

  • Xmas Art: today we used our feet to do Mistle toes, the children love to feel the paint and brush on their foot so everyone is happy to do this activity. Michael and Adam were painting each other’s foot and having a great time laughing. Remi, Shylie, Carter, Alby, Emilia, Rafii and Sadie joined this activity and enjoyed the tickles. (LO1 openly express their feelings and ideas in their interactions with others.)
  • Playdough & heuristic utensils: Today Elsa, Connor, Jude, ChenYi, Sadie, Levi, Pia, Alby and Maddy wanted to explore the different utensils we provide for the playdough, we had cutters, plastic knifes, small containers, rollers with different shapes and patterns and they reallu enjoyes exploring all of them, sharing and observing their friends creations.(LO4 Our toddlers are involved and confident learners using play to investigate and explore their ideas and creativity)
  • Home corner: Maddy, Emilia, Connor, Jude and Levi like to explore the home corner and the toys in there, they cook in the kitchen, they set the table and roleplay engaging in nurturing interactions with their friends. They also like to bring cups and food to the cubby house and have dinner inside the house.
  • Outdoor climbing and obstacle course: we combined indoor and outdoor play so they could go in and out of the room as they want, Remi, Alby, Michael and Adam climbed the net and say hi to everyone that was coming up the stairs. Levi, Shylie, Elsa and Pia had a turn as well. Alby found little bug and they all were looking at as it went to the big yard.


(LO1, children interact in relationship with others with empathy, care and respect.

LO3 they demonstrate spatial awareness and move around their environment with trust and confidence.)


Overall we enjoyed our day at kindy 😊 hope to see you all tomorrow.

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina.