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Toddlers Two – Wednesday 12th June 2019

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Hello friends lets see what fun we had today ………..

This morning was a nice relaxed start to the day , we had some relaxing music playing upon arrival and various activities set out upon the table . This created a wonderful drop off and was a nice calm transition into play outside .

Outside in the yard today we had an obstacle course set up in a new area creating some curiosity upon investigating. Hidden in the sand we had some dinosaur eggs . The dinosaurs had been busy collecting food in containers which the children extended upon and helped to collect various natural materials from within the yard. The herbs being a interest as we could feel the different textures and smells using our senses. Hanging from trees we had some material that the children loved to hide behind , calling out the educators names to come and look for them. The yard was a very interesting place to learn and explore this morning . 

Upon coming inside we sat on the mat for a group time to say hello , we sang along to tick tock and greeted one another with a gentle wave . We then spoke about the weather , fynlee told us it was sunny today , oscar said the sky is blue and william told us the grass is green . Great job friends !!!!! We then built upon are knowledge of numbers by counting how many friends where here today . The children did a very good job so we extended on this by counting our fingers. Once we had finished we all rolled our sleeves up and headed of to wash our hands for morning tea .

After morning tea we sat curiously on the mat waiting to go outside for our show . Whilst waiting miss zara told the children a story without a book . The story was about 4 little friends who played hide and seek at kindy . The chidlren all sat very well and used there imaginations  to the think about what they where being told. Interacting by expressing interest both verbally and emotionally. 

Outside we built upon being healthy and looking after our bodies by applying sunscreen. We then Ventured of to play. We had lots of fun within the yard today lots of happy faces and relaxed children . Soon Miss Alicia arrived to create the special show for us . The children where all very curious and keen throughout the show . 

Today was a wonderful wednesday 

Miss Zara , Miss Stacey and Mr Lachie 


Written by elctoddlers2

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