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Happy Wednesday!

This morning the children enjoyed quiet table activities until 8am. Michael played with the peg board while Remi explored the magnets. Millie went to book corner to read the Christmas stories and enjoyed decorating the area with Mikey. The toddlers used tinsel and cushions to make the book corner cosey.

When it was time to go outside the children explored the yard finding activities of their choice. Bowie, Adam, Chen-Yi and Aubry used the trucks and diggers in the sandpit and pretended like they were on a work site while Emmy, Claudia, Connor, Madelyn, and Ava whipped up some meals in the kitchen. Shylie and Elsa pushed their babies around the yard in a pram and as they passed other friends they asked if they would like to join. Levi, Rafii and Alby raced around the yards on the bikes beeping the horn to make sure their friends knew they were coming so there would not be any crashes.

we had dance today so we headed inside a little earlier to eat up some delicious morning tea of raisin bread a fruit !