Good evening Kindergarten families we hope you had a great day! This morning we started our day in the yard. We had all our favorite toys out including climbing equipment, Sandpit toys and dinosaurs. When we came inside we enjoyed a lovely morning tea of cake, yogurt and strawberries. After morning tea we sat down for group time with Miss Kate and she discussed what we were going to do today. The children decided on some activities and we got stuck into our day. on our outdoor balcony Mr Lachie did water play and painting which the children really enjoyed. Miss Kate had some children inside doing mat activities with blocks and connectors. Some of our friends also found themselves cooking up a storm in the home corner area. It was excellent to see the children engaging so well. After our activity time we went outside for a play in the sandpit area before lunch. For lunch today we had lentil lasagna. After lunch we had a nice rest time before we did some afternoon activities including puzzles, books and drawing. Finally we had our afternoon tea before going outside to play our afternoon away. Thanks for a great day Kindergarten!

Miss Kate Mr Lachie Miss Bea