Thursday 7th July 2016

What a lovely warm and sunny day it was so what better way to spend the morning than at the park.

Before walking to the park we enjoyed our morning tea up stair where we had bananas and raisin toast, the children served themselves. While having morning tea Aydin said did you know that bananas are related to mars because they both have potassium in them, when Miss Shelby asked where did you learn that he said at science class and Talisa said when you eat peanuts you can’t stop.

While walking to the park the children did a great job at walking in pairs and following instructions, the children played I spy with my little eyes while looking at everything as we walked. Once we arrived to the park the children played on the playground where they crawled through the swirling tube, went down the fire man pole, went on the swing and up and down the slide. They also built sandcastles and volcanos in the sand that was in the playground, Jai made a monkey face in the sand.

Before having a little snack Miss Shelby set up the backyard tennis and backyard cricket which was enjoyed by all the children, we also brought a basketball where we took it in turns to throw it into the hoop. We then had a little snack before having some more play time – goodie bags with chocolate chips, sultanas, popcorn and dried banana chips.

For lunch we had chicken and mayo sandwiches and also more of our goodie bags.

Jai helped pack away all the equipment and Talisa and Madeline helped carry the equipment back to the centre.

When we got back to the centre we watched open season and enjoyed having hot chocolate with marshmallows, we then had free play and enjoyed fruit and crackers for our afternoon tea before  going outside to play with the kindergarten and kindy children.

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Written by elcbabies1