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Wednesday 6th July 2016

What a wonderful day we had today at vacation care with Miss Shelby

For morning tea the children had peaches and yoghurt where they used their self-help skills and independence as they served themselves
Lunch was a strew with rice and salad- lettuce, cucumber, pineapple, tomatoes and beetroot
Afternoon tea was watermelon and cake

The children expressed themselves as they did drawing- Amber drew smiley faces and naughts and crosses, Lucas drew noughts and crosses, Taylor drew a monster and Isabelle drew an apple in her diary as well as making a card for her brother’s birthday. They also did a drawing to give to Miss Kylie and said a nice message which Miss Shelby wrote down  and gave to Miss Kylie to say thankyou for having them for vacation care.

There were plenty of boards games for the children to play with today, the children choose to play pop and go game where Brooklyn, Jessica, Amber, Lucas and Isabelle each had a turn at pressing the popper to roll the dice. They then moved the number of spaces they rolled on the dice and first person to get to the finish line was the winner.

Amber brought in some special things to show all the other children and asked if she could do show and tell, she showed the children her dog book and magazine, pencil and diary. Eleanor asked why did you buy it and Amber responded by saying cause my mum let me get it.

We played hide and seek where Brooklyn, Amber and Blake counted to 20 and then found the other children that were hiding, we were given some new outdoor equipment. We used the basketball to play a throwing game where Miss Shelby used the skipping rope as a marker that the children could not go past, we used a beam bag and the children had to throw the basketball onto the beam bag. The beam bag was moved bag further each time so the children had to use their whole body to throw the basketball a long distance. We then went outside where Miss Shelby set up the backyard cricket and backyard tennis, the children were very excited to play with this new equipment.

The children helped make some damper for the afternoon bonfire, they mixed all the ingredients together and rolled the dough into small balls to create the damper which then went into the oven to cook. At the bonfire the children had fun roasting marshmallows over the fire , drinking hot chocolate and also eating the damper we made which was very yummy.

Written by elcbabies1