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Good afternoon!

We were lucky enough to have a play outside this morning before it rained. We have some fun new dinosaur and sea creature toys which we played with in the sandpit, giving them mud baths.

Today is yoga day. The children are learning to concentrate and follow the yoga teacher. Some of them are getting really good at the poses. We had fun painting with pipe-cleaners today. We made some really interesting splatters on the page. We also helped Miss Thea and Miss Camila sort out the puzzles in our room.

The children requested the Fire Truck song and we also sung the new shark song that Miss Rachael has been teaching the children.

We have been practising our pencil skills and tracing lines on the paper. There are plenty of worksheets by the sign-in area. Feel free to take one home to practise with your child.  

This afternoon we have been reading lots of stories!