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Babies Three – Wednesday 4th December 2019

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Hello all my lovely mummy’s and daddy’s, I hope you have all had a fantastic day, because I know we have in Babies 3. This morning Mrs Debbie, Mrs Shafagh and Miss Bronagh had a lovely morning playing in the yard with all our little friends. Once all our friends came this morning we all went inside to get our morning tea. Today we had yummy bananas with yogurt and strawberries, yum yum!

When we had finished morning tea, we went back outside, as its such a beautiful day playing in the shade. Annie, Blake and Birdie enjoyed playing on the sea-saw singing songs, rocking back and fourth with each other, using their fine motor skills and their communication skills. Archie had fun passing the ball back and fourth to Miss Bronagh, using his hand-eye co-ordination and his fine motor skills. Isla was exploring the sandpit, feeling the different textures between her hands. Anselma and Pip enjoyed playing with the toy cars, racing them up and down the grass then chasing after them. Summer wanted to enjoy some lovely cuddles from Mrs Shafagh then when she felt confident enough, she played in the tent with Anna and pip, laughing with each other. All our friends then came together to listen to lovely stories with Mrs Shafagh.

Today we had yummy pizza with tuna and pineapple with some crunchy veg for our lunch, which all our friends enjoyed. After lunch we played together, singing songs, playing in the ball pool and reading stories.

Today was a fun day with lots of laughs and happy cuddles.

Miss Bronagh enjoyed spending all day with her little friends.

See you all during the week,

Lots of love xxxxxxxxx







Written by elcbabies3

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