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Kindergarten One



Good Morning/ Jingeri Families and Friends, we hope you are having a wild wicked Wednesday just like we are!! This morning friends were enjoying the beautiful sunshine and staying active with the obstacle course. We also had lots of fun in the sand pit digging for treasure, some friends even made Miss Kate a Birthday cake! Happy Birthday Miss Kate!!

Once inside we welcomed eachother with a hug, high five or fist pump and a huge GOOD MORNNNING!! We sat on the mat and answered the roll and warmed up our bodies and minds with our wicked wild Wednesday dance to “Can’t stop the feeling”. We then discussed our activities and some of the safety rules in class. Soon it was morning tea time and it was super delicious, we self-served which is great for our independence and fine motor skills using the tongs.


Friends had lots of fun engaging in activities, Some friends build a train track and used the train pieces to run around it. Other friends chose a different mode of transport and  chose the cars, which they raced. Home corner and dress up was busy with friends making breakfast, using their dress up and role playing mum, sister and babies! Drawing was busy too, some friends sat with Miss Bea and used the coloured pencils to being artists. Frankie and Milly asked Miss Kate to help them with a spider puzzle, we sat and spoke about the corners and the edges, how they are different shapes and if you placed these in first it will be easier to complete.

Some friends helped Mr Lachie open up and put together some pieces for our new craft area- they were very excited. Other friends sat with Miss Kate and spoke “All about me” We spoke about our favourite things which was beautiful to share.

This afternoon we rested our bodies and minds, while some friends slept we engaged in quiet activities- puzzles, drawing, matching number game and snap. Friends also sat and read some beautiful stories and others drew some pictures.

We then celebrated Miss Kate birthday- she brought in cupcakes for us- they were super yummy!

Thanks for a fabulous day Kindy One



  • Please ensure your child has their hat, drink bottle and spare clothes with them everyday. Belongings need to be clearly labelled.
  • Items to be brought into Kindy (Tissues, paper, pens etc) can be given to an educator. These do not need to be labelled as they are shared for the class throughout the year.