Employment with Childcare Centres of Excellence

Our Centres:

Childcare centres of excellence pride ourselves on focusing on our connections with children, families and the community.

We believe in the growth of our Educators to enable the children to have rich engagement.

Our connection with children focuses on play-based, inquiry, and emergent learning.

We truly believe in the child’s voice and partnerships with families to provide a child-led learning curriculum.

We would like educators who are committed to the love of the Early years and will focus on children’s love of learning. We believe our Educators should have an open-minded attitude with a growth mindset with the ability and skill-set to work in a team that puts the children’s learning, safety and happiness first.

We would like to meet any Educator who would love to join us on journey in creating a caring, nurturing, play-based, curriculum focused classroom for the children in our care.

Our Teams:

If you are interested in joining our amazing team, we want to assure you that we have a very supportive culture and management style. Our centres pride themselves in creating a team of colleagues that work together, look out for one another and create a beautiful place to teach the children in our care.

We enjoy many outside of work hours events and team building meetings. We feel passionate about this as we feel it creates happier and closer relationships.

Our management team try their best to allow for as many professional development courses as possible and will support our educators to grow in the areas they have interest in.

If you need childcare whilst an employee in our team, we offer up to 95% off your fees.

We aim to pay our employees above award rates and offer extra holidays for our full time and trained Early Childhood Kindergarten Teachers.


Please send your resume or CV to