Extra-Curricular Activities

Gardening Lessons

At Benowa Hills we offer Weekly Sustainable Gardening Workshops with our Gardeners Miss Hillary and Mr Phillip.

Our little friends enjoy gardening out in our sustainable vegetable & herb garden in the sunshine each week. By getting involved in gardening, our children have a chance to plant, grow & take care of their own vegetables and fruits while also learning about healthy eating. Our sustainable garden project really helps embed our “Garden to Plate” philosophy at Benowa Hills as the children often take some fresh veggies home or to the Kindy Kitchen to be washed and eaten.

Tumble Tots Gymnastics

Tumble Tots Gymnastics is our purpose-built facility that is located within the Benowa Hills Early Learning Centre. Our sister centre, (Benowa Early Learning centre) also has a Tumble Tots gymnastics facility on site too.

Tumble Tots is an accredited Gymnastics Queensland program for children of 2.5 to 7 years of age. Tumble tot’s children are taught quality skills from the group up, building great foundations for a healthy active lifestyle. Our nationally accredited advanced Coaches oversee a fun, progressive and interactive program extending children and creating a lifetime love of physical activity. We often one free gymnastics class per week with the option to add on extra paid classes.

RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan)
Visits with Uncle Allan

At Benowa Hills we believe all children, from the earliest age deserve to learn about our country and the rich and diverse cultures of First Nations people that continue to this day. As part of our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan), each month, Uncle Allan, an Aboriginal Elder who has been working alongside Benowa Hills and Benowa Early Learning centre for over 3 years, visits the children in every age group for group times and activities. By embedding cultural learning in the early years, we can impart the wonder of Indigenous knowledge, and support Aboriginal children’s sense of identity and belonging, as well as promoting a culture of understanding and respect towards cultural diversity for all children. We share the belief that by empowering Elders with support we can make a positive step in helping close the gap and transfer sacred spiritual knowledge.

Music and Movement Lessons:

Miss Goldie, a music teacher for early learners, attends our Centre each week to provide a Music and Movement program that connects the hears of children with the joy and spirit of music! Miss Goldie presents this through many fun and interesting themes. The children have the opportunity to play percussion instruments, learn to sing a scale, play dress ups, dance and movement, character play and so much more! Music and Movement also has many benefits for young children such as development of large motor skills and coordination through rhythm and small motor skills‐learning through finger plays and playing musical instruments.

Sustainability Lesson:

Bugkidz as joins us once a week for a sustainability talk/class that help our centre incorporate and embed everyday sustainability practices. This program is wonderful for building each child confidence and elf-esteem as they embark on a journey to embrace and appreciate the wonders of nature. Bugkids uses a mix of bugs, animals, music, dancing, worm farming, composting and recycling to teach children how to best be sustainable!

Mindful Yoga Classes:

Once a week the children at Benowa Hills enjoy a relaxing mindful yoga lesson with the lovely Miss Zara.
Miss Zara helps our friends of all ages (babies to kindergarten) to reap the many benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness. These weekly lessons encourage our little friends to connect their body and mind, improve their balance, hand eye coordination skills and attention span all the while having loads of fun.

Arakan Martial Arts:

Arakan Martial arts is a self-defence sporting class that we offer once a week at Benowa Hills. The instructors are passionate about empowering and guiding children towards greater skills of self-awareness, self-confidence, discipline and focus as well as practical self-defence skills and techniques. Each child will have the opportunity to learn and develop their street-smart skills and awareness in a nurturing, positive, creative and fun environment.